Mining Pods Suite K2

main floor k2

Mining Pod

Mining Pod is our second office that is available. We are looking at a limited space room located in the end of the CoWorking space.

This room has 3 doors, it opens directly into the first and the third offices with lockable doors, as well as direct access into the room. This is great if you are looking for 2 offices side by side, or if you are looking for a modest office.

Mining Pod is 11 x 10. This room does have 3 lockable doors.

Your access to this room comes with access to many amenities:

  • Lockable room
  • Breakroom access
  • Vending access
  • Rentable Conference Room
  • Super Sonic Internet
  • Limited Guest access
  • GMB Address
  • Mail deliveries

Upgrades available:

  • Dedicated router (internet) access
  • Conference room hours
  • Extended Guest passes